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Karen O'Connor

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Amy Gill, PhD

Equine Nutritionist

Now there is no need to second guess your probiotics choice. EquiOticâ„¢ provides two powerful solutions into on simple system.


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Other Brands

Will Coleman

Olympic Eventer

Theresa Duer

Peninsula Farm

Greg Fox, DVM

Veterinarian and Trainer

Dr. McNabb DVM

Lebanon Ohio

Leslie McDonald

Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist

Stephanie Phillips

Shepard's Corner Rescue &
Rehabilitation Center

Mike Murphy

Veteran Harness Horse Trainer

Larry Jones

Thoroughbred Trainer

Brenda's Quarterhorse


Caroline Webster

Webster Training Center in Ocala, FL
on EquiOtic

Endurance Racing

Valarie Kanavy, 2 time Endurance World Champion talks about Equiotic

Mikey Callanan

Farm MGR Sierra Farm on BOOST!

Adrienne Lyle


Debbie McDonald

Dressage Champion, USA Coach
on Equiotic

Marilyn Little

Horse of the Year RF Demeter on what Equiotic does for her

Lynn Symanski

Event Rider

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